makingtime is the work of artist and designer Amanda Digby.

After graduating from University with an Arts Degree, Amanda studied Garden Design in Oxfordshire and went on to run her own successful design practice in London before moving with her husband and three children to Sydney, Australia.

Since living in Australia, Amanda returned to study undertaking her Masters in Fine Art at The College of Fine Arts.

She began experimenting with different forms of Printing in 2012 and more recently with textile printing. Her fibre art and textile skills have been developed through workshops, classes and her own experimental practice. Currently Amanda is taking classes in Ceramics and thoroughly enjoying expression in a ‘new’ medium.

Amanda’s work primarily revolves around nature and the documentation of her local surroundings. Fallen branches, palm fronds and inflorescence collected on her walks are used in sculptural and weaving projects. Local plants are used in the dyeing processes for her fabrics both as a colour and a print and her ceramic work is very much focussed creating simple and functional work that works complements food and plants.

Her focus is to always try and convey the beauty and simplicity of nature and to find ‘new’ life from ‘old’.